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Our featured site : Discover Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

As part of our constant search for unique destinations for our clients, the Agency Be Team traveled to Ixtapa, Mexico.

The tropical city of Ixtapa is located in Zihuatanejo, within the Mexican state of Guerrero. Just 20 minutes away from the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo International Airport, you can connect to this magical oasis from any part of the world. 

The Pacific coast of Ixtapa harbors luxury resorts that represents tranquility and sophistication. Miles of sandy beaches are easily accessible, including sections of isolated areas for a romantic and secluded oasis. From fishing charters to various watersports and scuba diving sites, the locale provides a plentitude of aquatic activities. Pros and amateurs alike can enjoy the Pacific waves and salty breeze in several spots, for a thrilling afternoon or morning surf session. 

The colorful flora and fauna are outlined by the stunning Southern Sierra Madre mountain range, a breathtaking site from any point of view. Diverse experiences and ecotourism such as rappelling, zip-lining, rafting and hiking have been widely developed in Ixtapa. Birdwatching can be basked throughout the natural wonders of the region, where over 300 species have been recorded to inhabit the area.

An abundance of outdoor sports activities is easily accessible in any part of this resort playground. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo has been recognized as one of the most preferred fishing destinations, not only in Mexico, but in the world due to the great diversity of species and climate. Skating, cycling and jogging can also be freely enjoyed with the recently remodeled bicycle path. High-end golf courses and numerous tennis courts overlooking the surrounding vegetation are available throughout the beach town. 

An overlooked destination, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo cannot be compared to any other city in the world. It maintains its peaceful and cultural charm in every corner of the city, where an authentic experience and journey awaits at any moment of the day. 

Let Agency Be show you the world.

Top 10 Central/South American Cities based on Meetings & Events Activity

Central and South American cities continue gaining popularity for meetings and events activity.

Factors such as hotel rates, direct flight availability from the US, unique locations, all inclusive resorts, guest services, unique venues, and a strong dollar have contributed to this growing trend.

The top ten destinations for meetings and events in Central and South America remain relatively unchanged from 2016, with Rio de Janeiro, Cancun and Panama City taking the top three spots for 2017.                        

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico
  3. Panama City, Panama
  4. São Paulo, Brazil
  5. Mexico City, Mexico
  6. Cartagena, Colombia
  7. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  8. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  9. Lima, Peru
  10. Santiago, Chile


(Source: American Express Meetings & Events Destination Analysis, )

Bloggers: The Marketing Tool Your Event is Missing

Inviting bloggers to your next event is a great idea. It helps your SEO, it increases your social reach and gives you a whole new authoritative image.

With the blogger’s audience and influence growing exponentially, it is time for companies to consider bloggers as an inexpensive and crucial marketing tool to implement in their strategies. 



  • 77 percent of Internet users read blogsand spend 23 percent of their Internet time on blogs or social media.
  • 70 percent of consumers learn about companies through articles opposed to ads.
  • 61 percent of U.S. consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.

Considering the above statistics, inviting bloggers to an event can have a positive marketing impact, if done correctly. See below for tips to consider when inviting bloggers to your next event:



  • When searching for bloggers to invite it is important to consider location and reach
  • Local bloggers are ideal for budget consideration
  • Make sure to select a blogger with the same audience you want to reach



  • Real bloggers are approachable and respond to genuine requests
  • Get to know the blog (mentioning the last post doesn’t work)
  • Be nice and have a personal approach when reaching out


Achieve a Positive Result

  • Having a dedicated space – bloggers lounge or area
  • Having a dedicated and fast WIFI connection for uploads
  • Live social media feed – see what attendees are saying

Have some sort of relationship with official channels (Twitter accounts, Event Blog) depending on the event. This can be anything from guest posting to RTing content.

Sustainability & Green Initiatives in Events

In an ever-changing world, new trends begin to form and a more educated and conscious market evolves with it.

From producing sustainable food options, sourcing eco-friendly venues and preventing waste from reaching landfills, your events can make an impact by incorporating your own green initiatives. Here are some tips on how to make your next event eco-conscious.

Recycling and Composting

One simple step towards developing a green initiative for your event is to recycle. By placing recycling bins next to trash receptacles, this can help incite your patrons into recycling products instead of automatically throwing them away.

The Clean Vibes Trading Posts provides a system of incentives to motivate event goers to participate in recycling efforts. Fans can turn in pieces of recycling into the Clean Vibes Trading Post booth, collect points for each recycling piece, and later redeem their points for prizes. Examples of prizes can include small promo items to large prizes, such as free tickets to future events.

Companies like Terracycle recycle cigarettes collected by patrons at events and turn them into a variety of industrial products, such as plastic pallets, and any remaining tobacco is recycled as compost.


Sustainable Foods

Miami offers a variety of restaurant options and catering companies that provide sustainable food selections. Sustainable food agriculture is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. Farm to table menu concepts not only benefit the local community, it also promotes a healthier diet where people and the environment depend on each other.


Choosing a green venue

Venues all across the U.S. are factoring in environmentally friendly products into their design and operations. Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, low-V.O.C paints, and recycled materials are now being used to implement a more eco-conscious brand. Many new and renovated restaurants, event venues, hotels, and conference centers also have LEED certifications from the U.S. Green Buildings Council or other certification groups. 1 Hotel South Beach, Perez Art Museum and the Intercontinental Miami are a few eco-friendly venues that continue to cultivate their own green initiatives throughout their facilities.


Donating food after events

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in trash. The “Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act” protects organizations and individuals from liability issues when they donate “apparently wholesome food” in good faith to a nonprofit organization. Check out some of the organizations you can contact to donate your leftover food products:  

Building a sustainable experience, I learned to embrace it

Let’s be honest, the enjoyment and memorability of an experience is often due to its immersive (albeit seemingly senseless) use of décor to create a theme.  There is a reason why there are over 900 Party City stores across North America.

Recently I was challenged by my glamorously granola California client to create a large corporate client experience without using so much as a trace of plastic or a printed poster board that would end up in the recycle bin. There is no fighting it, I needed help. Our clients are becoming more green by the day and therefore I needed obtain higher education. I turned to the Brits.

David Stubbs, the Head of Sustainability at the London 2012 Olympic games was looking for a way implement the promises he made to obtain the games in his bid. It included a focus on sustainability and therefore he turned to BSI to create a specification for the event management system.

The result, BS8901. The British Standard Institute for providing specifications for how to manage the environmental, economic and social aspects of events and conferences.


What is BS 8901:2009?

BS 8901 provides a set of guidelines to help with the planning and management of sustainable events. Aimed at individuals, as well as organizations and enterprises, this standard is widely used in the UK to improve economical development, while reducing the social and environmental impact of events. The requirements set out within BS 8901 were developed for events of all types and sizes – ranging from large scale conferences and unique events, to music festivals and air shows. This standard can be applied throughout the entire supply chain.


How does it work?

The guidelines of BS 8901 are practical and easy to understand – helping people to manage the environmental, financial and social risks that go hand in hand with event management. By implementing BS 8901, organizations will be able to improve their sustainability within budget; reduce carbon emissions and waste; and put the right safety measures in place to protect their personnel.


Similar consulting companies have created guidelines:

Is it possible to obtain the same results by alternative design? For instance, can you hold smaller meetings in different regions in combination with video conferencing, thus reducing the need for long-distance travel? Or, is it possible to plan the event back-to-back with another larger one so that resources can be shared and the need to travel reduced? After exploring the options and concluding that the event does indeed need to take place, then the following qualities should be incorporated in the event design:

  • an accessible and inclusive setting for all
  • a safe and secure atmosphere
  • minimal negative impacts on the environment
  • encourages healthy living
  • promotes responsible sources
  • leaves a positive legacy
  • delivers excellent customer experience
  • encourages more sustainable behavior


Forty minutes down the wiki-hole later, I had a full circle moment. I learned that it was The Microsoft Corporation that was the first US company to achieve a BS8901 certification during its Microsoft Convergence conference hosted in New Orleans. No wonder all roads led me back to my glamorously granola client, she works there.

Sustainability has been an oscillating focus for companies over the years. Forbes recently published its list of the world’s most sustainable companies for 2017.  Naturally Europe leading the pack,  but two US companies made the list.  While not surprising that a tech company Cisco was able to cut down on waste, the true stand out was Johnson & Johnson. KPIs measured to determine rank also included sustainability in resourcing, financial, and employee management. For a company that is defined by its place in the consumer packaged goods industry, this is an accomplishment for Johnson & Johnson.


The World’s Most Sustainable Companies 2017 – Full List

  1. Siemens AG | Germany | Industrials
  2. Storebrand ASA | Norway | Financials
  3. Cisco Systems Inc | United States | Information Technology
  4. Danske Bank A/S | Denmark | Financials
  5. Ing Group | Netherlands | Financials
  6. Commonwealth Bank of Australia | Australia | Financials
  7. Koninklijke Philips NV | Netherlands | Industrials
  8. Johnson & Johnson | United States | Health Care
  9. Koninklijke DSM NV | Netherlands | Materials
  10. Enagas SA | Spain | Utilities


Although all of the companies listed above had to have a market capitalization in excess of $US 2 billion, smaller efforts are equally important. With education comes empowerment. Empower your creativity and swap a few traditional elements with a few innovative ones:


Nix printing

For branding instead try us lighting gobos

Swap a paper agenda or invite for for an easy to manage event app instead


Scrap plastic

If you must use disposable good for catering, try cornstarch utensils

Or provide branded promotionalinnov for your guests to take with them on the go

You can still add fun back to the décor with festive custom paper straws


Reconsider the venue fee

Video conferencing is always an option – no pants required when you use

Next month, the results of our event that inspired this investigation will be shared with you. Digital versions only.


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Experiential Marketing | Karla Matus

Experiential marketing has been around for some time now but in recent years this experience- driven consumer culture has been highly successful. The rapid development of technology that is being used in experiential marketing is attracting more and more consumers than traditional advertising.

Each experience is authentic to each brand and most importantly you can collect data! Collecting data is important to prove a strong ROI and make key decisions for future marketing efforts.

To effectively use technology at an event it should be unique and personalized where the consumer can relate with the brand. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two forms of communication mediums that have made a huge impact on how companies are interacting with their audiences. The evolution of both content being used in these mediums as well as the consumer touch points has allowed the experiences to live long after the event is over reaching people far beyond those who attended the event. Live streaming has also allowed viewers at home be a part of the happening and connect with the brands.

The use of technology facilitates tracking several key analytics including top measures such as total attendance/ participation, and social media likes and engagement. Knowing how many people purchased a product as a result of engaging with your product at an event is another importation quantitative measure. Brands can even keep track of how many premiums were given away at an event in order to allocate the right amount of funds for the following years, thus reducing costs if needed. This raw data is useful and easy to collect at events.

Using technology to create a story and collecting data for companies to make important decisions is a win- win for everyone. These memorable and meaningful experiences will keep revolutionizing the marketing industry thus keeping experiential marketing alive for many years to come.

Spotlight interview: Leonardo Ferracina

Travel Retail Director Americas / Parfums Christian Dior

How long have you been in the sales and marketing field? And what do you consider your most significant achievements?

I have been working in sales since the beginning of my career. Coming from an engineering degree the first period was quite challenging but very soon I began to understand and appreciate the subtle dynamic of negotiation and the pleasure of building relationship and positive business together with the partners. 

I think the most important achievement was to be able to adapt to different realities and cultures over the years. I left Italy 13 years ago and since then I’ve been living in France, Switzerland and in the US. 


What is your current role, and your position at Christian Dior?

I’m currently in charge of the business that Dior Perfumes and Cosmetics is doing in all the Duty Free stores we have in the Americas. I’m therefore dealing with airport stores, cruise lines and free zones stores. This business is very interesting because is fast, evolving very quickly depending on exchange rate, economical and political situation in the regions where travelers are coming from. 


Do you consider the experiences you create for your clients, both internal and external, an important mechanism towards achieving your annual sales goals/strategy? And Why?

These experiences are a key element for the achievement of our objectives. People can reach higher performances if they have the right level of motivation. An emotional and engaging experience spent all together with the team is a very high motivational moment. When we gather all our team we need to give them the possibility to live a moment “a la Dior” where innovation and surprise, excellence in execution and attention to the little detail are part of the daily experience. More than giving them motivation we also let them experience the Dior values we want them to transfer to the final consumers in the stores. 


Leonardo Ferracina

Be in Miami 48 Hours

Miami is an ever changing and emerging exciting city with fantastic drinking spots, upscale food experiences, and phenomenal night life.  Here are our suggestions for sipping, tasting, and experiencing Miami in 48 hours:

Morning – Start your day with delicious croissants and inventive upscale breakfast creations at Bachour Bakery.

Afternoon –  Fabulous shopping at the new open air mall, Brickell City Centre, followed by a modern art experience at Perez Art Museum Miami while enjoying lunch by the water with views of the Port of Miami.

Night –  A delicious Peruvian fusion dinner at the Mandarin Oriental’s La Mar by Gaston Acurio with beautiful Biscayne Bay views followed by a night cap at the East Hotel’s Sugar roof top bar.

Morning – Begin your second day in Miami at Zak the Barker for an amazing breakfast featuring Miami’s most popular artisanal bread.  Following your breakfast and camera in hand step out into Wynwood’s amazing public art experience for a tour of Wynwood Walls. 

Afternoon – Enjoy lunch at Zuma in downtown Miami before heading to Miami Beach for a walk on Lincoln Road.  Finish off your afternoon at Broken Shaker for inventive craft cocktails in a very cool bohemian setting.

Night – for your last night enjoy a modern fusion of Spanish tapas style dining at the Edition’s Matador Room.  End your evening with music and a night cap at Faena’s The Living Room.

Tips for a Successful Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy with unconventional and disruptive tactics focusing on grasping the attention of an audience in more personal and memorable level.

At Agency BE in order to develop a successful guerilla marketing campaign for our clients we focus on the following points:

1 – BE Original / Be unique and original if you want to be successful in capturing the attention of your target audience.

2 – Make it Memorable / Guerrilla marketing tactics are designed around capturing people’s attention in nontraditional, memorable, and unexpected ways.

3 – Make Your Message Clear / The key to a successful guerrilla marketing campaign is clear and concise messaging tailored to the target audience.

4 – Make it Interactive / A successful guerrilla marketing tactic inspires the audience to participate and become part of the experience.

5 – Focus On the Audience / In order to plan a successful campaign a key element is to identify and focus on your audience. Understanding your audience will define the planning of a successful Guerrilla Marketing Campaign.


The importance of innovation in today’s world.

What is innovation?

  • Its doing something different that creates value.
  • It’s a process that combines discovering an opportunity, blueprinting an idea to seize that opportunity, and implementing that idea to achieve results.

We often think that innovation only matters to a small group of corporate leaders. However, it increasingly affects all of us because the new normal is perpetual change, given how quickly our world seems to be changing today. Therefore, innovation is not a choice.

Success in today’s world requires waking up every day and realizing:

  • That today’s sources of competitive advantages will not be tomorrow’s
  • That the core of today’s business might not constitute the core of tomorrow’s business
  • That success might require walking away from the things that you view as your core competency.

It’s important to realize that we can all improve our ability to succeed through innovation. It is the imperative of today’s times. We all have to learn to be comfortable with change so that we can do the jobs that awaits us in the next few years, communicate with our colleagues, and provide the best guidance to our children and loved ones.