Social Media Trends in 2018

Social media has become an integral part of the average person’s life. It’s popularity derives from the fact that social media provides everyone with a voice that can be heard. However, the Internet is like an ocean – an ever-changing landscape. Due to the myriad voices on the Internet, what is popular one day, is meaningless the next. So it is important to constantly analyze the most popular Internet and social media trends in order to most effectively communicate with any audience.

About 4.021 billion people are using the Internet and 3.196 billion of them are active on some form of social media. What platforms are they using? Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat comprise the top 5 social media platforms. Meanwhile, sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are part of the next highest grouping. Facebook is clearly the leader with about 2 billion active users, the most of any social media site. Despite some recent negative media, it is clear that Facebook will still remain a powerhouse in the social media market. Additionally, Instagram has a strong following, especially in the UK where it accounts for 10% of users social media minutes per day. Instagram can be especially useful because it has the most interactions (likes) per 1000 followers of all of the social media companies.

But simply creating a social media account is not enough. To have a popular social media account that people willingly follow requires relevant, engaging posts for a target audience. Over 50% of users have said that they will unfollow a page that is irritating – with either the frequency of posts or content within them. So be sure to create funny, responsive, or visually interesting content to maximize traffic to your social media account.