Event Tech Update

Looking towards the future, planners are gradually adopting new technologies but can be doing so much more to fully utilize the potential benefits of modern technology. Planners often cite several reasons for their reticence including: fear about the technology not working, their lack of time to learn it fully, or having a large enough budget to include cutting-edge tech. But remember; there used to be a time that event planners felt the same way about social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! A planner should not blindly accept new technologies but should ask questions to determine what the best tech for them is. Important questions include: Will this help improve my efficiency? How does the technology help achieve meeting goals? Will it manage on-site logistics? For example, apps are a great tool for planners. Everybody owns a smartphone these days and apps present an opportunity to communicate efficiently and effectively while planning meetings, reserving rooms, scheduling meals, networking event attendees, and track attendee engagement. Mobile compatibility is key for any planner because everybody is on the go these days. That is why apps can be such a useful platform; they are the epitome of a mobile friendly program. Another useful technology planners are beginning to utilize is the livestream. Livestreaming allows for remote participation and can greatly expand audiences by negating the geographic factor of attendance.

Looking towards the future, it seems that Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and wearables will soon be as commonplace as social media. Imagine being able to virtually walk through an event space before booking it with VR or putting on AR glasses to instantly overlay the configuration of tables and chairs onto an event space to streamline the planning process. Meanwhile wearables synced with apps such as technologically enabled registration badges will help to keep registration lines down and attendance up. But innovation and adoption can only happen when planners begin to educate themselves about the myriad technological marvels at their fingertips. Once they learn about the brand new technology, they can integrate them to create memorable events for all attendees.